Samburu Game Reserve, Northern Kenya

Posted by Jennifer July - 14 - 2012

After one of the coldest nights of sleep I have ever gotten, we awoke to one of the most beautiful sunrises I have ever seen.

The sun was rising over the tree tops in the Aberdares National Park and you could see the clouds below us.

After photographing sunrise, we quickly got ready for another exciting day ahead of us. As we waited for our ride to arrive I photographed Water Buffalo and Warthogs enjoying the salt lick.

Our bus to take us back to our main lodge was late and we soon discovered why. The road that took us up into the mountains had been washed away and the people who lived below were quickly trying to repair it.

After hours of waiting and one terrifying yet exhilarating ride back to the main lodge we were on our way to the Samburu Game Reserve in Northern Kenya.

Samburu was a very different place than the forested mountains that we were just at. The Samburu Game Reserve is very dry and hot, and made up of throne trees and grassland vegetation.

We stayed in Samburu for 2 days. In this time we saw a many number of extraordinary wildlife. We saw the rare Reticulated Giraffe, multiple families of Elephants, include many young Elephants. We saw Nile Crocodiles, Oryx, Gazelles, and of course our very first Lions.

Seeing the Lions was extremely exhilarating. We watched two females attempt to hunt small rodents in the shrubs, and then finally one female came out onto the road and laid down next to our jeep and bathed herself.

While staying at our lodge in Samburu there was many Vervet monkeys. The Monkeys that live around the lodge can only be described as mischievous. They would sneak into the kitchen at the restaurant area and make off with rolls and some times plates and bowls.

One morning after our game drive, we were enjoying a nice breakfast when a Vervet Monkey jumped up onto our table looked me in the eye and stole the bread out of our bread basket. During this time another monkey can up behind him and took the marmalade. I can only assume they were working together to make their own breakfast somewhere in the trees.

The time we spent in Samburu was truly unforgettable, and without a doubt one of the best experiences of my life.

Next we were off to Lake Nakuru National Park, where we were assured to see much more extraordinary wildlife.


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